Recording of ‘Copyright, Piracy and Cultural Imperialism’ talk


Here’s a recording of last night’s talk by Dr. Alan Story on Copyright, Piracy and Cultural Imperialism. The recording is 1 hour 40 mins. Alan spoke for about 45 mins and the remainder is discussion. Alan was a clear and animated speaker and the recording came out very well. Many thanks to Alan for travelling to Lincoln to talk with us.

You can also download the MP3 to listen offline.

Alan provided handouts during the talk which can be found on the CopySouth website.

‘Intellectual property law starts from the premise that ideas are free as the air ‑ a common resource for all to use as they can and wish. It then proceeds systematically to undermine that principle.’ Professor David Vaver

Using a series of contemporary conflicts over copyright across the global South (Asia, Africa and Latin America), this talk will examine whether the global copyright system operates in the interests of the peoples who live here and who make up 3/4 of the world’s population. Among the questions it will address: is the trade in copyrighted products free and fair trade? Why all the fuss about so-called copyright ‘piracy’? Is copyright essential for creativity?,
and is copyright linked to cultural imperialism?