Reading for week 13: Location, place, distance, roots

Here is the reading and watching and perusing for Thursday’s class on the theme of ‘Location, place, distance, roots’.

On co-operatives, place and space, please read:

Pusey, Andre (2010) ‘Social Centres and the New Cooperativism of the Common

There are a number of articles in that issue on ‘The New Cooperativism’, which may be of interest to you.

We would also like you to watch this short illustrative video:

Although not required reading, you may be interested in looking at this research on Social Centres later on:

What’s this place? Stories from radical social centres in the UK and Ireland

Finally, to help us think about virtual space and distant learning, please could you sign up to this MOOC. You don’t have to participate in order to see how it works:

Globalizing Higher Education and Research for the ‘Knowledge Economy’

The course was recommended by Dan Cook, who wrote the report for the Co-operative College on ‘co-operative universities’. See his blog post for more details on why he thinks the course is important:

Please think about the nature of online learning through your observations about that course. You don’t need to read any of the course content in real detail. Just get a good sense of who is participating and how.

We’d like to divide the class into discussing the attached article and video, then the MOOC, and finally allow time to plan our final reflective session on the 17th.

See you Thursday.

Joss and Paul.