Minutes from 3rd AGM – May 2014

Below our the minutes from our 3rd AGM on 24th May 2014. The financial report is also attached below.

24th May 2014 12-3pm, Lincoln Grandstand Community Centre.

Apologies: David McCleavey, Peaceful Warrior, Laura Stratford, Richard Hall

Chair: Sarah Amsler

Minutes: Joss Winn

Members present: Andrew M, Stephen H, Tim B, Lucy M, Joss W, Sarah A, Gary S, Mike N, Gerard de Z.


  1. Approval of previous AGM minutes
  2. Constitution
  3. Finance
  4. Social Science Imagination course and projects
  5. Accommodation
  6. AOB


1. The minutes from the previous AGM were approved.

2. We looked at the constitution in detail: Sarah went through the Constitution and asked members to raise any points.

a. Role of consensus, deliberative decision-making, representative. Difference between executive decisions and day-to-day decisions. Members (especially new) need more support in understanding their responsibilities and how consensus works. ACTION: Sarah and Gary to write discussion paper on democratic decision-making. To discuss at follow-up meeting.

b. Members (43 listed/20 ‘active’). What constitutes ‘active’ membership? Andrew: Members should agree to abide by values, etc. Distinction between members and supporters. Associates and non-associate academic members. Need to better define ‘active membership’ in the constitution. Participants on a course are not members necessarily members of the SSC coop. ‘Active’ over a given period. ACTION: Joss to write statement about membership with list of options. Need to provide more support for new members and outline responsibilities of members. To discuss at follow-up meeting.

c. Conflict resolution. How is this dealt with? By consensus. A proposal to the constitution was proposed relating to ‘Termination of Membership’ – “is wound up or goes into liquidation”. ACTION: Propose removal of this part of the clause (Joss).

d. ACTION: Add statement of values to criteria for membership (Joss). We agreed that as an educational organization, it is OK to be wrong and that people learn to think differently.

e. Status and role of monthly general meetings. Needs defining better. E.g. publishing agenda, requirements of members, critical decisions to be discussed/made at each meeting.

f. Our responsibilities under Equality Act. ACTION: Gary to seek advice. ACTION: Mike/Stephen: Seek clarification over liabilities of members?

g. Andrew offered to be secretary. Need description of this role. Agree responsibilities. ACTION: Define secretary role at next general meeting.

3. Stephen gave a report on the finances of the SSC. We have £1774.62 See report. Some invoices outstanding. We agreed to try to use the services of other coops when appropriate. Stephen was voted into his role as Treasurer. Stephen said that we need to revisit the Business Plan as the current projection does not reflect reality. ACTION: Review Business Plan at next general meeting. Financial Report May 2014

4. Members reflected on the SSI course. Mike: Affirm that the SSC is an alternative form of higher education and be critically reflective. Gary: About how we put it into practice. Gerard: What is the problem we are trying to solve? How do we provide an alternative response to that problem? Wendy: SSC should be engaged in local politics. ACTION: Working group (Lucy, Wendy, Sarah, Gary) on childcare. Have something in place by next term, September. Need to talk to people about what we’re doing. Need to be clearer about who we are and the type of activities we do. Tim: Website is out of date. Too many emails. ACTION (All): Curriculum design and reading list for next SSI course to be created during the summer, not immediately prior to start of course. Decide readings, send them out in advance of the course starting. To discuss at next general meeting.

5. Accommodation: We have been invited to join Lincoln Share, a new premises on Beaumont Fee for co-operatives and community groups. Can the SSC afford it? For how long are we committed? We need to look at the space and see if there is somewhere in it that suits us. Andrew expressed concerns about the suitability of the physical space. Child care facilities? Fully accessible rooms? We will try to hold our next Saturday meeting at Lincoln Share so members can see it. ACTION: Get keys for Sat 7th June (Joss).

6. AOB

a. Next AGM will be on 16th May 2015.
b. ACTION: Arrange a follow-up meeting of issues arising from AGM.
c. Need to make members much more aware of what is on the agenda so that decisions are better informed.