Minutes from meeting 14th June 2014

Social Science Centre – Planning Meeting 14th June 2014

Present: Wendy, Laura, Joss, Stephen, David, Sarah, Mike, Andrew, Gary, Tim

Apologies: Vernon, Gerald

Chair: Sarah

Notes: Mike

Matters Arising

Wendy to do podcast on Keri Facer’s Co-operative paper in an interview with Richard Keeble

Andrew to take on role of Secretary as agreed at AGM. This involves:

  • Electronic communication – managing emails, website and calendar up to date
  • Membership – welcome and add to relevant mailing lists
  • First point of contact – for information about meetings, events

Other duties could include:

  • Organisation of meetings
  • Provision of agenda
  • Minutes up to date and signed off
  • Answering all correspondence, and bringing relevant issues to the meeting


Joss to continue looking after the Web, with support from Tim, who will learn from Joss so he can take on the role at a later date


Chair of meetings: It was agreed to have rolling chair for planning meetings, to be arranged alphabetically

Equalities Act

Discussed our liabilities in terms of Equalities Act and the need for a process to be able to offer scholars support for their special or additional needs. Our course materials could ask people about their educational needs, and an awareness of our responsibilities should be included in our publicity documentation and on the website.

Liability Insurance

Mike to bring recently renewed insurance documentation to the next meeting to review so we can be clear as about the details of our insurance cover in terms of professional indemnity and public liability.


We discussed the need to be much clearer about membership policy. Joss to bring a paper to the July meeting setting out the options for us to decide.

Democratic Decision Making

Gary and Sarah to write a briefing paper on democratic decision making to be discussed at next meeting.

Working Group on Childcare

Gary and Sarah to bring some proposals on child care to next meeting for discussion.

SSC Business Plan

SSC business plan to be reviewed to make sure it fits with our current activities. This document could include details with regard to our professional indemnity and membership rules and regulations. This can then be sent to new members when they join. Mike to co-ordinate the review of this document to be looked at next meeting.

Planning for next year:

Curriculum planning day to be organised in July to look at programmes for next year. Sarah will circulate the original curriculum development documents. Scholars are encouraged to offer other provision based n their own expertise, e.g. Criminology, as well as establishing events that link to public debates in the city. Our Place Our Priorities acknowledged as key part of SSC provision, providing a way in for people who may not have considered HE.


It was agreed that we ask to become clients of Lincoln Share space, keeping eyes open for other suitable premises. Joss to enquire around city with estate agents.

Reimagine the University

SSC invited to attend conference and make presentation at conference at University of Gloucester on Reimagining the University. Joss to attend.

Royal Geographic Society

Fees waived at RGS conference for non-waged member of SSC to present paper on SSC. Registration needs to be confirmed.

New Book on Social Class and HE

Members reminded of invitation to contribute to new book to be published BSA with Mike Ward,’ New Writings on Social Class and HE’


Sarah thanked for the quality of the paper work which facilitated a well structured and productive meeting.