Minutes from November planning meeting

SSC Planning Meeting

Time: 12 noon, Saturday 1st November, 2014

Venue: LincolnShare | Beaumont Fee

Present: Andrew, Laura, Lucy, PW, Mike, David, Elise Tel and Harriet Stevenson

Apologies: Wendy, Sarah and Joss.


Mike gave us a summary of the course so far, and mentioned that James Irvine’s contribution at the last session had given the programme a focus; It’s been decided that current residents’ stories and ongoing local history research will be central to the developing course.

Child Care and Accessibility

The group co-ordinating the Know-How course have accepted all but one of the CCA working group’s recommendations (the exception being the accommodation of children into the learning space). As yet, no scholar has requested support with care responsibilities.

Fun Palace | Saturday, 20 December | Croft Street Community Centre

Unfortunately, as Wendy was absent, and no one present knew very much about how the plans were going, we didn’t discuss this event.

Our Guests – Level One Journalism Students (University of Lincoln)

Elise and Hetty introduced themselves and explained their interest in the SSC. We look forward to reading their respective reports!


Lucy will be returning to work in Lincoln – Boston’s loss is our gain!

Laura has moved into her new home!

LincolnShare continue in their quest to secure permanent premises…

Joss will be giving a keynote at the Learning Together conference in December.

Mike will be in Brighton on Monday, 3 November working with the Free University of Brighton

Andrew’s book will be officially ‘launched’ by the University of Lincoln in the new year.

Ritual Significance | Art Through the Evolutionary Lens will open on (6.00pm) Friday, 30 January at The Collection, Lincoln. All scholars welcome.

And finally, this conference in Edinburgh looks interesting.


December’s Chair (David McAleavey) would like all agenda items by Friday, November 28.

January’s meeting will be held on Saturday, 10 January.


The meeting closed at 1pm.