Notes from introductory class: Lincoln and the Built Environment, 17th Oct

Venue: Mint Lane

Present: Laura S, Melanie, Sarah, David,  Laura W, Jade, Merideth, Philip, Rob, Lucy and Mike

Apologies: Bradley

The seminar started with an introduction to the Social Science Centre, including its aims and purposes. We looked at the series of events planned for this term.There was a wide ranging discussion about what people hoped to get out of attending this and other seminars, and what they could contribute to forthcoming sessions.

As the topic for this year is Lincoln and the Built Environment people spoke about their own relationship to the city and its surrounding area, particularly Gainsborough and the St Giles estate, an area of social housing and urban planning based on the Garden Cities movement, inspired by among others Ebenezer Howard. Lincoln was seen as a city with plenty of social and cultural as well as intellectual resources. However, Lincoln has many social and economic problems that were not always apparent or discussed. It was agreed that these social and economic issues were significant and should be considered at forthcoming seminars on the built environment.

Suggestions for contributions to the sessions in the new year are:

The anthropology of violence and war

 Newly formed communities in dystopian places

 Seven Generation Planning

Sustainable environmental planning

 Settler communities, migration and indigenous knowledge