SSC Retreat 2018

Social Science Centre – Retreat 14th/15th July 2018.

YHA Thurlby, Bourne, Lincolnshire.

Planning/Topics to tackle

  • Where and when (Space & Place).
  • Themes (Purpose, Big Goals).
  • Muscle pools (Skills and knowledge sensitivity).
  • How we teach and learn (Links to practical achievements and other groups).
  • Access and inclusion.

Themes and muscle pools were deemed the favourite topics to tackle.

Miscellaneous topics

  • Monthly planning and reflection meetings. First Saturday of every month 10 – 12 Noon at the Mansions of the Future.
  • Time and space to reflect on power relations. Conflict resolution, power & privilege, group dynamics, management within groups. (Seeds for change).
  • SSC into the city, negotiating space e.g. Framework, Prisons.
  • Common activity (Task). A task defines the group and determines the number of people, not explicitly co-operative.
  • Reciprocal ways of learning and producing knowledge.
  • The common group vision is a precarious thing.
  • Why are there no minority groups within the SSC?
  • Dealing with individual conduct procedure [Parked].
  • Longer monthly sessions [Parked].



  • Power & Privilege (Language alienating).
  • Inequality.
  • Permaculture.
  • Sustainable communities/Post-capitalism.
  • Activism.
  • Eco Anarchy (Bookchin, Kropotkin).
  • Feminist post-capitalist living/FUCK TINA.

The idea of the SSC providing an educational service was viewed as too draining. The possibility of one-off service chunks (collaborative lectures?) was discussed e.g. Action Research.

Sunday morning musings

Reservoir of muscle pools. Multimodal – sight, sound, smell and taste.

Binding people in knowledge and experience.

Co-operation gym.

Co-presentation of learning sessions.

Education despite topic. Pro-sociality, learning to co-operate.

How big are the cracks in capitalism (Holloway)?

Post-capitalist imagination – practical activism.


Course outline – Communities of the Future.

Thinking post-capitalism within the capitalist logic.

Six sessions. Sign up for the course by a certain date. Special requirements catered for.

Bradley – Ownership/Commons.

David – Co-operative Lincoln past, present and future.

Laura – Feminist approaches.

Sarah – Women and the commons/Ownership.

Lucy – Permaculture.

Phil – Eco-Anarchism.