Social Science Centre – Lincoln

Monthly Planning & Reflection Meeting

Mansions of the Future – 04/08/2018 @ 10am

DRAFT Minutes

Attendees = 6

1..Minutes of the last meeting checked for outstanding actions, etc. – all sorted

2. An email approach from a PhD student requesting to observe the SSC; invited to submit a proposal in an accessible format and attend inaugural SSC learning session on 15 September 2018. Action: Laura S to contact John

3. Discussion on how the upcoming SSC learning courses proposals were decided, and debated that such information needs to be shared in more detail to invite democratic participation, collaboration and input from all scholars prior to finalising the course. However, this met with some disagreement. Nevertheless, the course information and a draft advertising poster will be shared amongst the SSC membership with a view to seek comments, approval, offers of assistance with facilitation, etc., by 25 August 2018 to help ensure the course is as inclusive and accessible as possible.

Action: Share course info with SSC membership

On request, some of the scholars who attended the Retreat in July to decide, organise and facilitate the new course agreed to outline the specifics:

a). After the initial introduction to the course, nominally, “Communities of the Future” due to be held on Saturday 15 September at 10 am, anyone intending to participate should commit to the whole course via attending all the fortnightly sessions to enable a stable and interactive learning group. The six sessions are:

15 September         Ownership                                      Facilitated by Bradley

29 September         Co-operative Lincoln                     Facilitated by David

13 October              Permaculture                                  Facilitated by Lucy & Laura

27 October              Eco-anarchism                               Facilitated by Philip

10 November          Women & the Commons                Facilitated by Sarah

24 November          Emergent Conclusion                     All Scholars

b). As part of the distribution process to gain membership comments on the proposed course, all facilitators will also be invited to ask for support with their session if required, to provide a short paragraph detailing the content of their learning session to engage scholars, and think about possible reading lists or materials scholars will require and such information given well ahead of the individual sessions to allow them to fully participate. It was proposed that a presentation of the learning outcomes of the course will form part of the emergent conclusion session on 25 November which will also incorporate the SSC AGM.

Action: Facilitators to be contacted

4. Attendees were invited to comment on the initial draft for the new course poster created by Laura W and Philip, and decide what information should be included to engage new participants. It was thought the title of the course “Communities of the Future” required a sub-title to help scholars understand the purpose of the course e.g. ‘Imagining an alternative and more just society’ or ‘Discovering new ways of living to create a fairer world’. As there was no agreement other than not including overtly academic terms such as “post-capitalist”, a new draft poster would be produced and distributed to the SSC membership for comments and sub-title ideas. Laura W kindly agreed to print the poster once it was agreed upon and finalised.

Action: New draft of the poster to be distributed

5. As part of the new way forward within SSC meetings, those who attended the Retreat agreed that all planning meetings should include a reflective element to allow scholars to air their concerns or queries in an open forum. As this could be potentially divisive and uncomfortable for some, it was agreed that Sarah would be invited to facilitate a specific session exploring group dynamics and to include power relations, conflict resolution and creating a common vision.

Action: Laura S to invite Sarah

6. Concern was aired that there was no formal procedure for dealing with complaints, harassment, individual conduct, inclusion, etc., and it was noted that these matters are continually ‘parked’.

7. The topic of scholar membership was highlighted with regard to the new GDPR regulations and ensuring that the SSC held up to date membership information in compliance with the law. There were some anomalies in the membership contact detail data thus further verification would be required. Unfortunately, due to other commitments, Peaceful offered his resignation from the membership and engagement role in July.

 Action: Membership form to be updated

8. To improve wider engagement and sharing of information, Laura W proposed taking on updating the SSC twitter account.

Action: Laura S to Provide Laura W with passwords

9. Next SSC planning meeting is at Mansions of the Future on 1 September 2018 commencing at 10 am. All are welcome to attend.

Unverified minutes drafted on 7 August 2018 – to be verified on 1 September 2018