SSC 2018 – End of Autumn course: ‘Communities of the Future’ update and next steps


Dear All

The next SSC Scholar event incorporating the usual monthly planning meeting, a mini-workshop on envisioning Emergent Learning evaluations, and a small SSC community celebration with regard to studies completed, the impending arrival of winter et al is scheduled to take place on Saturday 15 December 2018 at The Mansions of the Future commencing at 10am for a 12 noon completion. 

(Oh my giddy Aunt, how terribly corporate and academically tedious the above all sounds – apologies!)

In essence: Hello everyone, just to let you know that we are getting together on the 15th to have a warm, collective conversation on how can we supportively and pragmatically share our learning journey with each other and the wider community. Please note we will be meeting in the first floor Boardroom, and access is via the former NFU building doorway.

In the spirit of openness and co-operative learning, the first session of the 2019 New Year will be billed as ‘Emergent Learning’ – which simply aims to welcome the whole of our SSC community to show what has been accomplished during the previous term, including: what scholars thought of the learning experience, discuss whether the individual sessions raised further queries in relation to deeper understanding, awareness, connections to other issues studied, are there calls for different styles of learning or more of the same, and so on.

A number of scholars felt that a session dedicated to Emergent Learning (EL) was crucial, and that additionally, the New Year EL session will be of particular interest to those former/lapsed/new scholars who have indicated they wish to become more involved next year, and perhaps offer to facilitate some future learning sessions. Further detailed information on the EL session and also the requirement for an AGM will become available to the SSC Community before the New Year. Dates for your new 2019 diaries are: January 12th and 26th

As a recap for all scholars in relation to the EL session, the SSC Autumn 2018 learning schedule “Communities of the Future: Imagining an alternative and more just society” included:

Date Session Facilitator
29th Sept 2018


Ownership Bradley
13th Oct 2018


History of Co-operative Lincoln David
27th Oct 2018


Permaculture Lucy and Laura S
10th Nov 2018


Eco-Anarchism Philip
24th Nov 2018


Women’s Struggles Laura S and Sarah
Notably, all the learning sessions were planned, researched, and delivered exclusively by scholars for scholars, and of course, as always, endeavoured to welcome and include anyone else who happened to chance upon us…

If you were unable to attend during the 2018 Autumn term, some individual scholars have kindly provided their own insights and/or interpretations of the above sessions, and these are available on the SSC website:

As well as preparing for the Emergent Learning session, and after our customary monthly planning discussions, we will be indulging in a social nibble and natter – as you do at the end of term. For those who also wish to use the opportunity to celebrate the advent of winter (but, not necessarily in the sense of the all-foreboding “Winter is Coming”) and/or communally observe your personal belief at this time of the year, there is also a proposal to dress as festive as you feel, although this is entirely optional!

Nevertheless, if you are able to join us of the 15th, in the spirit of sharing, please could you kindly let us know you will be attending and bring something edible for yourself and one or more other persons to nibble upon. Now, to be perfectly frank (or indeed, betty), I like hummus as much as the next veggie bod, and do not wish to be all ‘Victorian Dad’ about it (see Viz for further details), but we did have a bit of trouble consuming the vast myriad of pots of Hummi(?) and innumerable breaded items at the AGM in May.

In acknowledgement of the massive environmental impact of food waste in this country alone, and the heart breaking global crises of food poverty, it may seem so petty to ask, but, if you are willing to ‘Bring and Share’, please would you let us know what your edible contribution is likely to be by emailing:

Already listed is vegetarian pasta bolognaise (lactose free) and veggie Lemon Drizzle Cake. Any surplus contributions will be taken to the YMCA/Nomad directly afterwards.

Looking forward to seeing you on the 15th of December (whether you are wearing a festive jumper or not!)

All the best