Articles discussing the SSC

The references listed in date order below are both about or mention the Social Science Centre, Lincoln. We include both types of reference because the context within which the SSC has been created is important and we want to highlight other similar initiatives.

Allsop, Bradley (2017) Taking on the Spectre that Haunts Higher Education. The Norwich Radical.

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Winn, J., ‘A co-operatively run social science centre’, Expedient Means, 3 September 2010

Misc. mentions

Alternative Art College

Derek Bruff Highlights from #NAIRTL11 (Part 2)

Duggan, J. (2012) ‘Ideas for communicating research’, MMU blog

Jennifer Jones on the future of education and #OccupyLSX:

Lazarus, J. (2012) ‘Introducing the Free University Network’, Ragged University, 25 November

Nottingham Critical Pedagogy

Occupy Research Collective (October 2012)

Peaceful Warrior (2013) ‘R+evolution in Lincoln‘, 26 May


ProfJC on Guardian debate

Sociological Imagination. Radical eduction project.

Tabbara, M. (2013) ‘The alternative university experience

Tent City University

Neil Howard We are the change: welfare, education and law at the Occupy camp

The Space Project: Reimagining Education: What Is Critical Pedagogy?

The Third University: Radical alternatives? Surely we can do better?

UK Society for Cooperative Studies conference (5 September 2012)

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