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  2. Hi Alan,

    Thanks for the update on meetings. We seem to have regained Scholarly Literacies – Is this for one weekend meeting only? And we seem to have lost 2 Imaginings evening meetings…Is this for half term or something else?

    See you tonight………Vernon

    • Hi Vernon,
      I’ve amended the missing Imagination meetings – they were there but the settings needed tweeking. I’ve marked the Scholarly Literacy sessions as TBC until I have spoken to David.
      See you later 🙂

  3. Hi All,

    As most of you are aware SSC commences its Winter Season on W/C 7th January 2013.

    The Open Learning Sessions start on Tuesday, 8th January at the Victoria pub 6-8 pm continuing on each Tuesday for 10 weeks.

    The Social Science Imagination Sessions start on Thursday, 10th January at the Pathways Centre, Beaumomt Fee 7-9 pm for 10 weeks.

    There is an Organisational Meeting scheduled for 12th January, 2013 starting at midday – 4 p.m [Details to follow].

    I’m posting these sessions under the Reply section until I’ve learned how to import them to the Calendar above!!!!!!!!

  4. Information for all participants on the Imagination Course…………

    REVIVAL – For the month of February, we will be using this accommodation for our Thursday evening classes as a trial only. It is a drop-in-venue offering a wide range of courses. It is a very popular centre. The trial will begin on Thursday 7th February.

    More details to follow.

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