Minutes from SSC meeting of April 2nd

Present: Mike, Andrew, Carol, Laura

Apologies: Lucy, Joss, Peaceful

Minutes agreed

Alex happy to help us with our web site. We suggest offering him £200, and will check with Joss who is currently stand-ing in for treasurer.


Rituals in Education
Robert Hamm, booked, Saturday 16th April, 10-4.
Croft Street
Bring & share lunch.
Please share poster, everyone!

Distress in the City
Linden West
Suggests 7th July – Mike will book this.
Laura or Andrew offer to put him up if needed. Mike will invite him to arrive early to have dinner/spend some time.

Mike will book mint Lane for Thurs 30th June, and will ask Linden to send reading we can look at on this occasion.

Research Projects:
Mike & Joss beginning to disseminate findings from ISRF project. Conferences in Manchester, Spain and Denmark in April/May/June.

New Leadership Foundation for Higher Education research project: ‘Co-operative Leadership for Higher Education.
Mike & Joss met people from Mondragon.

7th May, 11am-4pm

11-12:30 business meeting
12:30-1:30 bring & share lunch
1:30-3:30 Making the cooperative university report workshop.

Mike is booking Croft Street. Will spend part of AGM looking at report, and ready for relaunching SSC!
Will include business meeting.
We need new treasurer!

British sociological association: A splinter group has emerged! They’re having a meeting 7 April at Aston university – they have invited SSC. Mike is planning to go.

No course for next term – but two seminars.

SSC General meeting notes, 16th April 2015

Apologies: Sarah, Wendy, Lucy, Gerard, Martha, Peaceful.

Agree previous minutes: Agreed. Complements to the note-taker.

Scholarship skills workshops, including theory: A proposal has been circulated by Sarah and Lucy for some new short courses and workshops. The meeting was in support of this and recognised that it involves lots of work. Much appreciated.

Update on Know-how: Last week well attended. Varied curriculum. Running until May 7th.

Visits updates: Mayday rooms and London Met archives: Mike’s contacted both, London MET Librarian will accommodate us in September. Date TBC. Waiting to hear from Mayday Rooms.

SSC [ISRF] project: Timetable for workshops has been decided. SSC members invited second time to join participant mailing list. Key experts being invited through recommendation. Sign-up form for workshops will be sent out soon. Heard about Co-op Unis in Mexico and Columbia. Student from Free University of London interested. Articles on Co-op HE in Krisis and openDemocracy. May 1st start date.

AGM: Booked, paid for. Invited speakers: Bob Cannell, Tony Jeffs, Andrew Jackson (Keri Facer and Ana Dinerstein invited but can’t make it). Poster created, on website Friday 17th. Ask Sarah Amsler to Chair AGM. Joss to publicise. Agenda to be decided.

AOB: Paid rent on Mint Lane building.

SSC General Meeting, Saturday 4th April 2015, Mint Lane.

April 8th 2015, in meeting notes, combines some notes from pre-meeting about supporting scholarship at SSC.

Mint Lane, 12pm.

Apologies: Joss, Paul, Gerard, Martha, Laura.

Attending: Sarah, Lucy, Wendy, David, Peaceful, Andrew, Mike.

Previous minutes. These were agreed and matters arising were dealt with through the agenda.

Update on Know-How. Aniko’s session was widely praised. Sarah will email her for her whole thesis. Sarah will check that it is not detrimental to Aniko’s future publishing plans to have it available to SSC members only via the website.

Mike’s talk is next week and he has provided one reading for us and will circulate his own written piece shortly.

Andrew informed the group that his was personal, experimental and theoretical. He is going to talk about race in a way that might be sensitive. It is about the importance of history in research and what use it will be. He will send some materials around shortly. It is about Dachau, art and place, the Nazi’s and anti-semitism. It is a critique of Richard Evans a historian who claims it is just a case of ‘getting it right’. Andrew has chosen this over another possible talk on the interferometer, which was briefly discussed. Scholars would also like Andrew to do this session if time can be made by extending the schedule.

Martha’s reading is already circulated.

Visit updates. A summer day trip is to be planned to the London Metropolitan Archive http://www.cityoflondon.gov.uk/things-to-do/visiting-the-city/archives-and-city-history/london-metropolitan-archives/the-collections/Pages/default.aspx and The May Day Rooms http://maydayrooms.org/. Mike will organise it after Easter.

AGM and Visiting Speakers. The AGM is to be held in the Main Hall at Croft Street Community Centre. This has been booked. Tony Jeffs http://www.infed.org/writers/tony_jeffs.htm, Andrew Jackson http://www.bishopg.ac.uk/staff/Pages/andrew-jackson.aspx, Bob Cannell http://bobcannell.blogspot.co.uk/ and Keri Facer http://www.bristol.ac.uk/education/people/keri-l-facer/ have been invited to speak.

Bob Cannell is a specialist in cooperative businesses. He is associated with Suma a food-based cooperative wholesaler specialising in vegetarian, fair-trade organic food.

Keri Facer has been involved in many large projects which encourage the use of arts and technologies she is currently leading the Connected Communities Programme (www.connected-communities.org)which aims to create new relationships between communities and universities, drawing on arts and humanities perspectives and methods to enable new forms of knowledge production to address urgent contemporary issues.

Tony Jeffs is a specialist in informal education from Durham. He has made a donation and has offered to put himself up but David will ask him if he wants to stay at Andrew’s instead.

Andrew Jackson is interested in the history of working class education and has done work around early 20th century Lincolnshire. He is on the SSC mailing list.

The room for the AGM is hired between 10.30 and 4.30. There is a plan to bring food to share. The poster is ready but it will not be completed until all the speakers have confirmed. Once this has happened there will be a group walk to fly-post.

There was a suggestion that we should have tea after the AGM at 4.30.

Discussion to support scholars. Sarah and Lucy had met for an hour before the General Meeting to begin discussing possibilities for sessions to support scholars to engage in the sessions run by the SSC. At the moment the priority is to support people to engage with Know How but shorter and longer term aims were discussed at the pre-meeting between Sarah and Lucy and Sarah outlined these. Basically they involved two sets of actions and ideas, one around theory and the other around supporting scholarship skills.

Theory: Longer term ideas and plans were about supporting scholars to engage with key theoretical ideas that they were unfamiliar with andor that they wanted to engage with to enhancedeepen their existing understanding of. It was suggested we should do this with a series of workshops that not only explored the concepts and but also creatively engaged with how different pedagogical ‘dialogues’ and relationships could be engaged with. In addition the issue of childcare should be addressed.

At the pre-meeting specific theoretical ideas were discussed: Marx and the traditions that have built on Marxist thinking, Freire, Bell Hooks, C.Wright Mills, Freidan, Rowbotham and other Feminists. Also a list of concepts: gender, race, age, ethnicity, sexuality, disability; the media and young people, etc. The theoretical ideas were discussed and they were generally well received by those at the meeting and people were keen to get involved. The concepts were not discussed but are noted here for reference purposes.

We also discussed (at the pre-meeting and the general meeting) more creative pedagogies: using images, films, books, painting, knitting etc. as ways of changing both the forms of engagement with concepts and the relationships between participants in workshops. Steam Punk, the RSA drawings by Ken Robinson were also discussed. The idea of running a session at SSC during the Steam Punk Festival was raised.

As part of this attempt to engage with ideas more creatively Lucy will draft an email to Ben Goldacre http://www.badscience.net/about-dr-ben-goldacre/ who wrote a book called Bad Science that Lucy has read. She will write on behalf of the SSC. The draft will be circulated for comments. The plans for the workshops will be developed by those who want to be involved towards the summer months.

Scholarship skills: At the pre-meeting a list was drawn-up for a regular class which should support scholars to develop the skills they need to engage effectively with the courses run by the SSC. The following list was discussed: how do you evaluate different pieces of work; how do you do academic writing; how do you get an idea out of your head and onto paper; what does it mean to work together; and how do you critique. The SSC general meeting agreed a course should be designed for next year. This will take place over the summer. A welcome pack will be developed as part of this. However short-term plans are also needed for Know How.

Short term plans to support scholarship and theoreticalconceptual material of Know How: It was agreed that a one hour session would be run before Know How every 2 weeks. This would focus on exploring concepts associated with that evening’s session. The first meeting would be on the 9th April. Sarah is to circulate notes and book room. Then those who participate will review and plan forward.

AOB: a) Rent. Over £100 rent is due. Mike will pay it and then liaise with Stephen Hopkins.

b) Coordinator role. This will be discussed when Laura is present.

Conference: Co-operation and Higher Education, April 26th, Lincoln.

Click here for more recent information about our conference.

The Social Science Centre will be hosting a conference on the theme of ‘Co-operation and Higher Education’, April 26th, 10.30-4.30pm, at The Collection, Lincoln’s museum and art gallery.

Below, is an outline of how we anticipate the conference being structured and we welcome suggestions relating to the content of the day. We hope the conference will provide time and space to focus on the desires, experiences, issues and possibilities for co-operative higher education. More details will follow nearer the time.

Although the conference is on Saturday, we encourage you to arrive on Friday evening if you wish, for pre-conference food and drinks.

Friday 25th April, 7pm onwards

Pre-conference food/drinks.  For anyone wishing to arrive the night before. Location to be determined. Donations to SSC to cover restaurant costs welcome.

Saturday 26th April

9-10.30am Early morning guided tour of Lincoln’s social and co-operative history for early/overnight delegates.

10.30-11am Arrival/registration

11-11.30. Welcome. Introductions.

11.30-12.30: First session

12.30-1pm: Lunch

1-2pm: Talk by invited speakers

2-2.40: Second session

2.40-3pm: Refreshments

3-3.40pm: Third session

3.40pm-4.30: Discussion/wind up.

If you wish to attend, please could you let us know by completing the form below. There is no registration cost, but donations to the SSC prior to the conference or on the day are welcome. Thank you.

Donate to the Social Science Centre

If you wish to donate to the SSC, you can do so via PayPal using the button below. Please email us if you would prefer to send a cheque or make a bank transfer.