Week Five: Our Place, Ourselves and our Poetry……..Final session on 26th November 2013

Decision day today concerning the future of the group and the publication of some of our poems.



Poetry (Photo credit: Kimli)

After discussion with Devellopment Plus staff:

  1. The group agreed that they wanted to carry on with the Poetry sessions meeting at the same time on a weekly basis. They also indicated they wanted to write short stories and non-fiction. Having a leader for the group was considered absolutely necessary and DP will facilitate this.
  2. The group members were keen to see their work in print. To this end, each of us will submit up to three poems to be collated by DP staff. The aim will be to produce a pamphlet/booklet of poetry before Xmas with enough copies for members to circulate to others………..

We also agreed a title for the group: A WORD IN EDGEWAYS…………….


English: Title page of Miscellany Poems, on Se...

English: Title page of Miscellany Poems, on Several Occasions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We each read our pieces which we had worked on the previous week……..

Themes were around: Papa, My Dad, Autumn and Cousin Alan.

Really looking forward to seeing our work in print!!!!!!!!



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Our Place, Ourselves and Our Poetry…..3rd Session on 12th November 2013……




Today was quite vibrant!

John, Adrian, Becky, Tim and Vernon grappled with ideas around:

  • Is poetry just for the middle classes?
  • Evoking emotion in words.
  • Existentialism in writing and the influence of the French novel.
  • Using rhyme and internal rhyme.
  • The dangers of Formalism but the importance of some discipline.
  • Having/Finding a ‘voice’ in one’s writing.


We read our poems of PLACE and clapped at the best ones!

Becky and John came up with some names for our group:”Poetically Minded” or “A Word in Edgeways”…..I so like them both I wouldn’t know which one to choose!


Cliif-top writing shed overlooking Afon Taf, n...

Cliif-top writing shed overlooking Afon Taf, near Boat House, Laugharne, used by Dylan Thomas. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We read Dylan Thomas’ ‘Do not Go gentle….” as an example of a poem about people. Our task during the week – to write a poem about another person……….. CAN’T WAIT!!!!!



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Our Place, Ourselves and our Poetry – New Project for October & November 2013.

Hi Everyone – I thought I’d let everyone know that a new project is starting at the Development Plus Centre on Croft Street, Lincoln entitled: Our Place, Ourselves, Our Poetry.

We [i.e the SSC] have been asked to respond to a request from members of the centre who wish to write some poetry. I’m delighted to be involved with a 5 week project just to see what the needs are and to respond in any way that might be helpful.

We start next week on the 29th October and I’ll keep everyone posted about progress.


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