Reflective discussion & collage-making

Tue, Mar 27, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM. Mint Lane Involve Centre, Lincoln.

This arts-based focus group is part of my (Hannah’s) research for my master’s dissertation on alternative “counter-neoliberal” higher education. The 2 hour workshop involves reflective discussion and collage-making regarding our perceptions of SSC: who we are, what are we doing here, and how does SSC relate to and within the wider higher education sector.

We will start with some discussions/introductions and then create collages that express/communicate our perceptions of SSC. They can be individual or collaborative and they are yours to keep (although I would love to take a photo of them). For the last half an hour (perhaps longer if there is time) we will talk about our collages, ask one another questions and explore metaphor and meaning. I will provide materials but if you have anything lying around (old newspapers, magazines, prospectuses, textiles, glue, scissors, etc.) which you can bring along please do.

As this is part of my research study I intend to audio-record discussion using my phone. I will also need to collect signed consent forms. I will bring hardcopies of consent forms and study information, but they are also available for you to look over here:

Consent form:
Information sheet:
Participant sheet:

Discussion list

We’re still in the early stages of setting up the Social Science Centre (SSC) in Lincoln. If you’re interested in becoming an active member, please join our discussion list. Potential teachers, students and all manner of supporting members are very welcome to join the discussion.

We’ll also be meeting regularly in Lincoln over the next few months prior to classes starting in September 2011. Details about forthcoming meetings will be announced here on our website and on the discussion list.