Our Place, Ourselves and Our Poetry…..3rd Session on 12th November 2013……




Today was quite vibrant!

John, Adrian, Becky, Tim and Vernon grappled with ideas around:

  • Is poetry just for the middle classes?
  • Evoking emotion in words.
  • Existentialism in writing and the influence of the French novel.
  • Using rhyme and internal rhyme.
  • The dangers of Formalism but the importance of some discipline.
  • Having/Finding a ‘voice’ in one’s writing.


We read our poems of PLACE and clapped at the best ones!

Becky and John came up with some names for our group:”Poetically Minded” or “A Word in Edgeways”…..I so like them both I wouldn’t know which one to choose!


Cliif-top writing shed overlooking Afon Taf, n...

Cliif-top writing shed overlooking Afon Taf, near Boat House, Laugharne, used by Dylan Thomas. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We read Dylan Thomas’ ‘Do not Go gentle….” as an example of a poem about people. Our task during the week – to write a poem about another person……….. CAN’T WAIT!!!!!



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