Notes for Know-how (fourth session): Pubs, Community Development Projects and guerrilla research

Croft Street Community Centre

7.00 pm

Present: Martha, Gerard, Andrew, Laura, Tim, Mike

Extending the network

Following last week’s session with James, meetings have now been set up for next week with the contacts he gave us at Development Plus and the Abbey Ward Community Development office. The response from these organisations to the work we are intending to do has been very positive.

Community Pubs

We discussed the possibility of taking over a running and local pub, across the street from the SSC community centre, which is currently up for sale.

Another local pub, the Dog and Bone, is the CAMRA East Midlands pub of the year:

This pub has an excellent book exchange scheme and host meetings for a number of local community groups. We decided to have our next meeting there to talk with the landlord/lady about the SSC and do some networking.

Health and Wellbeing

We had an update on a Health and Wellbeing survey that is running at a local FE college. An offshoot of this scheme is the setting up of a community garden in the grounds of the college, as a form of ‘guerilla gardening’. We heard about an academic book to be published on ‘guerilla gardening’ called Informal Urban Gardening.

Community Development Projects

We had a prolonged discussion about the Community Development Projects set up in the 1970s, as well as a more recent manifestation of government sponsored research for community development: the New Deal for Communities. Andrew is to send us an paper he wrote on this subject for the journal Capital and Class. We also discussed the work of Beatrix Campbell and her book: ‘Goliath – Britain’s Dangerous Places’, about the Meadow Well Estate after ‘riots’ in the early 1990s:

Research Methods in Education

We spent some time discussing chapters from a text book on educational research by Cohen, L Manion L and Morrison K (2013):

Scholars in the group were critical of some of the texts basis assumptions around key research concepts, e.g., positivism, which led onto a discussion about the meanings of epistemology and ontology.

Community Access Centres

We talked about the development of Community Access Centres in Lincoln, with specific reference to a Abbey Access Centre in the Arboretum in Abbey Ward.

Of particular interest was hearing about the research that had been done to provide the data for the Local Authority to decide to establish these centres.

Documentation relating to this research project will be sent to the group.

Guerrilla Research Questions

At the end of the session we had a very amusing discussion about what forms ‘guerilla research’ questions might take. This was based on conversations one of the group had been involved with at a recent research conference in the Netherlands.

The session ended at 8.30