Our Place, Ourselves and our Poetry………….Our First Week…..



On 29th October we tentatively met for the inaugural meeting of the poetry group at Development Plus in the heart of Abbey Ward, Lincoln. There were a few of us: Becky, Hannah, John, Tim, Adrian and myself – Vernon.

Quite a few of the members knew each other so forming a group soon became ‘being’ a group. We ranged across a number of topics:

  • So you want to write poetry – Why?
  • The nature of poetry versus other forms of writing.
  • I handed out journals with the request that all writing be recorded there.
  • Why each person was attending.
  • Poetry of ‘Place’ and poetry of ‘Person’.
  • We read poetry by Robert Frost and Ian McMilllan.
  • Some of us feared the ‘rhyming bat’.
  • Our private aims and aspirations for the project.
  • The exercise for the following week was to write in the journal what each person wanted from the next few weeks together.

It’s pretty obvious to me we have some members who are very skilled at wrting and using words…..this should be fun!


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