SSI course reading for week eleven: ‘co-operative learning’

HASSAN film 20/7/99 (Page 1)

The reading and activity for week eleven of our course is copied below. For the next two weeks, we’ll be focusing on ‘co-operative learning’.


Hi Scholars

We’re looking forward to seeing/hearing about your positive experiences of education on Thursday, if you decide to take up our challenge:

Respond to these questions in a creative way:

When have you had your most positive learning experience?

What factors enabled this?

So far one person is sewing her response, someone else is responding on her guitar, someone else has hinted at a poetic response, another response is looking like a diagram…

Have fun!

Also, here’s the recommended reading for this week:

Chapter seven of ‘Do it yourself. A handbook for changing our world‘ by the Trapese Collective.